Rukka Arma S review

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Rukka Arma S Review


The second largest muscles in the body are the quadriceps (the biggest are the buttocks or gluteus maximus). Being large muscles, the thighs also receive an appropriately large blood supply. Large blood flow plus cold air will cool your core body temperature rapidly; it’s the reason people wear wooly hats. You can ride in a warm jacket and a pair of jeans in the summer, but in the winter you’ll need a proper pair of motorcycle trousers to keep your legs, and therefore the rest of your body toasty warm.

Rukka spends a lot of money developing motorcycle clothing which is high quality, and highly functional. They are at the leading edge of motorcycle sportswear, and work closely with W.L. Gore and other performance fabric manufacturers to incorporate the latest wearable technology into their riding outfits. Rukka do make leather jackets, but they are probably best known for their all-season gore-tex suits. The top of the range textile suit is currently the Rukka Arma S.

Rukka Arma S  - a formidable pair of pants

Rukka Arma S – A formidable pair of Pants

Looking for the best equipment to get me through the winter, I bought a pair of Arma S trousers in November 2013, and used them over 9 months whilst commuting to work in London from Oxford. Throughout the period, for 600 miles a week in the wettest winter know to man (a slight exaggeration perhaps, but only slight) they kept me warm and comfortable and allowed me to concentrate on riding my bike in busy London traffic. In warm weather they kept me mostly cool, and in the colder months with the liner installed they were toasty warm. The mark of a good item of performance clothing is that you barely know its there, it quietly does its thing so you can get on with doing yours.