Rukka Arma S review

andrew Gear Review


Some features of the suit,

1. Trousers incorporate braces which makes for comfortable wearing, and an adjustable waist.

2. Zip to attach to Rukka jackets

3. One waterproof pocket

4. CE approved Armour in knees and hips, (and elbows, and shoulders in the matching jacket).

5. Removable liner with Outlast® technology (phase change material which absorbs heat from the skin when it gets too hot, and releases it back to the skin as the skin cools)

6. Gore-tex® pro shell with Armacor®

7. 3M® reflectors so you can be seen in the dark

8. Superfabric® on knees and shoulders and elbows – combines abrasion resistance with low friction which allows a slide rather than a roll upon contact with the road surface

Gore-tex pro shell is a wonderful fabric. I know, I know, but I just can’t stop raving about it. It keeps you dry and warm. Because the water runs off the jacket rather than soaking into it (in previous gore-tex jackets the liner was underneath the outer layer of cordura) you stay dry and warm all day long, and your jacket remains light and manageable.

These trousers are a fairly snug fit, and designed to be worn with nothing underneath, except a thin base layer and your usual choice of underwear. You could wear trousers underneath them, but things would get quite snug. If you want a pair of commuting trousers, check out the Rukka Granite.

Rukka make their trousers in three lengths; for short, average and tall people (in comparison to waist size). The trousers have sufficient material that even when in a race crouch, your ankles will be covered. Take your boots off however, and your trousers will be dragging on the floor as you walk. It’s a small price to pay for complete coverage.