Rukka Arma S review

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The seat of the trousers has an extremely hard wearing material called Rukka Antiglide, which is grippy and stops you sliding around in the saddle. It is very durable and clearly designed to last a long time – a good thing as these trousers have a 5 year warranty, so they need to be built to last. A slight issue I have found is that the material may be grippy, but its abrasive nature means it is hard. A bit too hard. I noticed scratches appearing on the saddle and on the near side panel under the seat. As I have ridden more, the marks have got worse. I don’t know that these marks are definitely caused by the trousers, but I’m struggling to think what else it could be. The Cosmic and Armaxis trousers have a similar material in the seat.

Scratched side Panel

I’m not too worried about the marks, my VFR is my workhorse and the reason I bought it was so I wouldn’t have to worry about it from either thieves, parking bay scooters or from a low speed of manoeuvring drop (the VFR weighs nearly a quarter of a tonne). I look after my bikes, service them and keep them clean, but to me they are tools to be used, not trophies to be closeted away and admired. Perhaps it only happens with certain sized riders on certain bikes, perhaps it is the way I climb aboard, perhaps it is because the bike has a centre stand but I don’t use the footage to get aboard. I know material should be hard wearing, but not so much so that it becomes abrasive and damages painted body panels. If you have a precious bike, protect the side panel with a clear adhesive paint protector from 3M like tank slapper (, or put your money into buying a new side panel,or spraying the one you have when you come to sell your bike, and accept that things are going to get scuffed up.

Keprotec in the seat - very durable and grippy

Rukka Antiglide material in the seat – very durable and extremely hard wearing