2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 Unveiled

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Exhaust System

The mostly titanium alloy exhaust is quite a bulky affair, but Yamaha was in a tricky position; the old machine with XPC (Keep up! Cross plane crank) required a long exhaust length to get the engine to perform at its best. As they have sought mass centralisation for better handling, this has meant a ‘coiled snake’ under the bellypan. The exhaust features an exhaust control valve which lengthens and shortens the effective exhaust length depending on the engine speed.
The middle section doesn’t look great in the flesh (especially when the bike is leaned over), but it will make the bike handle more sweetly, and I’m sure we’ll get used to it. Neither is the exhaust can a thing of beauty with all of its heat guards in place. I’m guessing the material is light and thin and would easily scald. I wonder what the aftermarket is preparing?[/text_output]


If the middle of the bike is a bit of a design compromise, I have no such complaints about the front and rear ends. The front is a very clever use of the projector light that Yamaha have adopted since the 2009 R1, and positions headlight either side of the airbox inlet. This allow the centre portion of the front to be the air inlet to the increased volume airbox, and I’m sorry, but that white section is just screaming out to be painted with a race number, I wonder how many #46 ‘the doctor’ and 99 Lorenzo kits are being printed up as we speak………

There are some LED strips for running lights, although I would imagine the main headlights will be required on at all times as is the way with current motorcycles, as judging by the switchgear the only switch available is for the hazard warning lights.

Reminiscent of the M1 race bike

Reminiscent of the M1 race bike

If the front looks like a MotoGP bike, the rear is equally exciting. This bike looks phenomenal in photos, I only hope it looks as good in the flesh. The rear seat cowling is hollow, allowing airflow through the rear of the bike, with aerodynamic fins for good measure. You won’t be storing any alarms or Scottoilers in there, that’s for sure. The rear subframe is magnesium alloy to save weight, as are the wheels.

Quite the funky rear end!