A Brief History of Car Ownership

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The Biker Years

Since August 2009, I have not owned a car. I have been a biker. I had a KTM 990 SM which I bought brand new, but it was too mad for me, I then sold it and bought something more manageable, my beloved K5 GSX-R1000, which I had until I moved out to Oxford. It was stolen in March 2014. Since then I have been riding my old ’99 VFR800.

Living in London with hire cars readily available, it’s easy to see why people don’t own cars. Now I’m living in Cheltenham, and I’m able to drive around without getting completely stuck in traffic jams. Wales is also not too far away, and that’s always a nice place to drive. So I’ve started to look into the possibility of getting a new car of my own; The budget: £25-30k.

Here’s the shortlist;

  • VW Golf R,
  • Porsche Cayman (second hand)
  • BMW M135 and M235
  • There’s also a new rather good looking Focus RS coming out soon, which should be interesting

Here’s what I’m really looking for:

Manual gearbox – for maximum control. Auto is nice, but I want to be in charge

Sporty – not so bothered about practicality, though a boot would be nice, I have no kids (yet) and my partner drives a Q3.

Fast enough to be fun. Not motorcycle fast, but engaging considering the increased bulk of a car.

Comfortable enough to use every day

I ride motorcycles, and to get anywhere near that level of excitement will cost around £100k, so maybe I’ll build up to that level more gradually…..

I’ll keep you posted of my progress and thoughts.