Essential Biker Tools: #1 Crafty Plugger

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This morning I went to the garage to get my bike out so I could ride to work. As I pushed it forward off the centre stand, it sat down squat as though the suspension had collapsed. Damn! Flat tyre.

I pushed the bike forward out into the light, popped it back on the centre stand and assessed the situation. Whilst annoying, I do appreciate it when punctures happen at home, they’re so much easier to fix than dealing with a flat on the road.

A screw had found its way into the rear (I’ve never had a puncture at the front, it’s always the rear tyre which gets it!)

I got under the seat and got out my Crafty Plugger kit. This consists of a giant threaded needle on a handle, and 20 sticky fibrous rubber bands and a Stanley knife blade for trimming.

Instructions are included. Here’s the steps of how to fix the puncture:

1. Remove offending Object from tyre using pliers from your bike’s toolkit


2. Using the crafty plugger tool, insert into the hole and push it in and out a few times to make the hole a little bit bigger, and to roughen up the edges of the hole. The tool looks like a giant darning needle with a screwdriver handle.


3. Thread the plug through the eye of the tool so there is equal material either side


4. Insert the tool into the hole, up to the handle


5. Twist the handle 1.5 turns.

6. Pull until the tip of the tool is just out


7. Cut the plug off flush with the surface. If your puncture is in the tread, cut as close as you can to the surface.



8. Pump up your tyre. If you are out and about in the field and you don’t have a pump handy, you can use a few mini compressed air bottles to get your tyre up to a pressure that will allow you to ride your bike to the nearest petrol station and get it inflated properly.

This is the view from the inside

This is the view from the inside

Buy your crafty plugger at

Get yourself some mini gas bottles and an inflators tool. Here is a list favoured by cyclists.

There you have it. The crafty plugger. Essential under seat tool.