The Only Motorcycle Gloves You’ll Ever Need

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*unless you ride in winter

When taking to the roads in the UK, with an abundance of lush green vegetation on display and frequent downpours to keep things looking that way, the sensible choice is a pair of waterproof gloves. But when the sun gets up, the temperature can rise significantly, leaving hands sweaty and uncomfortable. When things warm up, we want the closest touch to the controls, not diminished feel through thick waterproof gloves.

Can a glove be both breathable and waterproof? Yes indeed! It’s called air n dry, and if you ride in three out of four seasons, they might just be the only pair of gloves you’ll ever need.

Held are a German company who make motorcycle gear, helmets, tank bags, jackets, even leathers with tassels on (if you like they kind of thing). Like many, they manufacture in China to keep costs down, but their products are tough durable and high quality.


The air n dry glove has two sleeves into which you can put your hand, the bottom one is the air (labelled Breezy), the top is the dry (labelled Gore-tex). When wearing the glove in air mode you have the gore-tex pocket lying against the back of your hand. It sounds weird, but you get used to it after a while. It might but provide as much ventilation to the back of your hand as a pure summer glove would, but for the UK, where we rarely see temperatures rising above 30, this isn’t a major issue.

The held air n dry gloves come with held’s handy finger wiper to clear the visor of water, and they dry quickly due to the large amount of wicking materials used in the glove’s construction. A mixture of leather and textile, with protection for knuckles, and abrasion for the wrist and little finger. These gloves are warm, dry and airy, suitable for three season wear.

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