Top 10 Motoring Apps

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Innovations such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have brought major improvements to in car tech connectivity. Unfortunately, if your car is over a couple of years old, you won’t be able to take advantage of most of these info-tainment advancements. There is another option for those of us who don’t have access to integrated car technology — motoring mobile applications. Although motoring apps are not as integrated as systems like CarPlay, they are often better designed, and just as useful in practice! In this article, we will be discussing the best motoring apps that can make driving easier and a lot more fun.


Gone are the days when you needed to carry a large Satellite or GPS unit along as a road guide to your destination. TomTom is a wonderful app that offers drivers an easy-to-use GPS option to guide them when driving. Unlike other free alternatives like Google Maps, Tomtom users are provided with speed camera, and speed trap warnings.


The importance of dashcams in cars is definite and established. They help to record the whole journey and provide important information like; evidence of an argument. Now imagine a mobile application that can act as a dashcam, change to different resolutions, warn you when your speed is too high and more. Well, you just imagined Carcorder. This helpful motoring application is very useful for the everyday driver.


Dashdroid is an Android application that aims to replace your car’s dashboard and provide you with a better driving experience. The different benefits Dashdroid offer include a central display that shows the weather, your current time and speed. It also provides voice command, making it easy for you to accept, make calls or text and still focus on the steering wheels. What’s more, Dashdroid is free to use.


GasBuddy is a very useful motoring app that lets drivers save money on fuel. Saving pennies on fuel costs might not seem like much, but in the long term, it can amount to a lot. GasBuddy helps drivers find the closest and cheapest fuel around, wherever they are


This motoring app is more of a dashboard replacement and makes it easy for drivers to use a music player, make calls and check for nearby locations. iCarMode simplifies a lot of general in-car practices for drivers without distracting them from the road.


Just like TomTom, Waze is another Satellite or GPS motoring application for drivers. However, Waze includes some more helpful features like; crowdsourcing to inform you of police stops, accidents and traffic jams around you. It also includes automated rerouting, voice navigation and much more.

Beat the Traffic

Beat the Traffic is a crowd-sourced motoring application that helps to keep drivers informed about accidents or traffic jams that might be on their route. With Beat the Traffic, drivers can successfully stay ahead of traffic.


Automate is a really great motoring application that interfaces with many of your Android Smartphone features and automates them. Automate provides drivers with the ability to take full control of their phones hands-free and without getting distracted from the road.


A lot of cars currently offer drivers with forward collision warning systems, 10nRoad is a substitute for that purpose. 10nRoad alerts drivers about abrupt halts by cars in the front of them before the drivers see it themselves. This, in turn, helps to minimise the chances of accidents occurring.


Spotify is the perfect motoring application for music lovers when they are driving. Spotify is a popular radio app that can be used via your mobile phone or your computer but now it can aLao be used in the car. With Spotify, you can listen to any artist or album as long as you have an internet connection.

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