2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 Unveiled

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The Yamaha YZF-R1 has been around for over 15 years. Introduced in 1998 as Yamaha’s flagship sportsbike, it very quickly became a sales success. It was lightweight and powerful with responsive handling, and as a package it blew the competition into the weeds. At the time it was up against the Kawasaki ZX-9R, a much heavier bike, and the smaller capacity Suzuki GSX-R750 (the thousand arrived in 2001), and the Honda Fireblade 918cc. The R1 was ahead of the game, and forced the rest of the manufacturers to up the ante.

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2014 Honda VFR800F the perfect road Bike – Part 1

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For many years, the Honda VFR has represented the ideal road bike. Capable of touring, commuting, and not too shabby when you turn up the wick, the VFR has widespread appeal. Being such a strong all-rounder, the VFR has sold well over the years, and the legendary Honda build quality, which is particularly strong with this one, means they last well and look good decades later. Honda estimates there are still 75,000 VFRs in regular use in Europe.Read More

Rukka Arma S review

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Rukka Arma S Review

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The second largest muscles in the body are the quadriceps (the biggest are the buttocks or gluteus maximus). Being large muscles, the thighs also receive an appropriately large blood supply. Large blood flow plus cold air will cool your core body temperature rapidly; it’s the reason people wear wooly hats. You can ride in a warm jacket and a pair of jeans in the summer, but in the winter you’ll need a proper pair of motorcycle trousers to keep your legs, and therefore the rest of your body toasty warm.Read More

Honda VFR800 Fi Review 97-01

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30th October 2014

My last bike was highly desirable; both to me and to the thieves who eventually took it, cutting short our fun together. During the last few months of our time together, my trusty K5 GSX-R1000 and I covered many thousand miles, commuting from Oxford to London through the wettest winter I can remember. All in all we covered around 10,000 miles in around eight months and the bike never missed a beat.Read More

BMW K1300S Review – Echtes Deutsche Hypertourer

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 BMW K1300S Review – Echtes Deutsche Hypertourer

 by Andrew Goodman

Simon at BMW North Oxford kindly gave me the keys to a K1300s for a demo this week. I had been after a back to back test with the S1000RR, but having sold their demonstrator, the used S1000RR they had in stock was on fresh tyres which I didn’t fancy on a cold greasy December day, even if it does have traction control.Read More

The Importance of Checking Valve Clearance

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by Andrew Goodman

Got a modern motorcycle? Like the performance more than the running costs? Rather spend £400 on a shiny end can than on a valve clearance check and adjustment? I bet you would. But not so fast cowboy! What do valves do, why do they need checking and what happens if you skip an inspection or three? The most common question from motorcycle owners is “should I bother checking my valve clearance?”An internal combustion engine is a marvellous thing, it’s been around for a hundred or so years, and it’s in a well developed state of evolution. An internal combustion engine acts like a pump, internally driven by means of controlled combustions of an energy rich fuel / air mixture. Through a combination of momentum (flywheel and crankshaft inertia), and explosions (bangs from the cylinders) a four stroke engine sucks in fresh air/fuel, compresses it, explodes it, and then pushes the burnt exhaust gases out the exhaust pipe. Read More

Textile or Leather?

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Textile or Leather?

by Andrew Goodman

You have two principal choices in the protective suit you wear; those made of leather or those made of textiles such as cordura. Both can be purchased as one piece or two piece suits, and good ones are comparable in cost. The one piece leather suit is typically high ventilated with stretch panels in the right places for optimum manoeuvrability, and is typically used for track riding and racing.Read More