Handy Used Bike Buying Checklist

Used Bike Checklist

There is no excuse for buying a motorcycle in poor condition. Buy how do you find the right machine at the right price? Here are some pointers to make sure you get yourself a decent second hand bike.

1. Do your Research

Once you have decided on a particular bike, get on the internet and find out what goes wrong with them. Every bike has its weaknesses, and there’s nobody better to tell you about the shortcomings of a machine, than owners of that particular bike. Sign up to a forum and ask what you should be looking for, in order to bag yourself a decent example.

2. Find the right Example

The right example of the bike you want is; under three years old, with low mileage and as few owners as possible. It will have been lightly used, and cleaned and polished more than it has been ridden. The owner is ideally well off and will have spent the necessary money to keep his bike serviced and in good condition. Ideally he is someone clean, tidy and meticulous. Avoid any brash adverts, STEER CLEAR OF ANYTHING WRITTEN IN CAPITALS unless you like being shouted at, and avoid any ads which call for a ‘quick sale’. They don’t signify a bargain, rather a duff bike (why are you wanting to get rid of it so quickly? Is it stolen?).

When you like the look of a machine, pick up the phone and speak to the seller. If you were going to go into business with this person, do they feel trustworthy to you? Are they open and honest, or do they seem to be holding something back? If there’s something you don’t like about them, go somewhere else.

Use the usual bike ad channels, but don’t forget about eBay. More and more sellers are using eBay to reach a wider audience, and the site is a good way to showcase their machine for sale. Sellers will usually allow you to visit prior to bidding or making an offer.