Handy Used Bike Buying Checklist

The Test Ride

6. Return for a test ride

Is everything in order so far? Then call the seller and make arrangements to return for a test ride. This will outline if everything feels good about the bike; the clutch works, the brakes are in good condition, and the engine pulls sweetly, in short everything feels just as it should. Your seller will ask for a deposit before you ride off on his bike, and it is your responsibly to get insurance for the ride.

7. Make him an offer

If you’re still happy when you return, and if you’ve done your prep work you should be, you can do a deal. State a fair market price, then knock off all of the things you think need work, and arrive at your final price. If he says no to a reasonable price, then he will have to go through this rigmarole all over again with someone else who may not offer him anything. Remember this when you are making your offer, and go in on the low side.

Once you’re happy with an agreed price, shake hands, sign the paperwork, get a receipt, and all of the keys and instructions, and ride off on your new bike, confident that you have got yourself a decent example. Good work!

 Handy used bike buying Checklist: shiny-side-up.net